Robert Manz
21 March 2018

Reviewer: Robert Manz, Managing Partner, Enterprise Investors

Title of Review: Easy to Use; In-Depth Feedback for Lifestyle Adjustment

For the past year I was searching for practical ways to boost my personal performance levels. I became interested in trying the Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment upon hearing that the assessment methodology provides very detailed feedback and concrete suggestions for improving one’s stress/recovery balance. Now that I have completed the test, I can say that the results were even more informative and useful than I expected. It is based on a very easy to wear monitoring device that I barely noticed over the 6 day period of my assessment. It allowed me full physical mobility, even during intensive exercise. Just wearing the device and noting down my hourly activities throughout the test period in itself created a useful basis of self-awareness, even before seeing the test results. The assessment report and meeting with my consultant truly opened my eyes as to how my daily activities impact my overall well-being. There were things I had suspected before, and now I can clearly see it all and the bodily effects of what I do. I received a data-driven analysis of how each 15 minutes of my activity not only affects my performance in a given day, but also how it contributes to (or detracts from) my overall performance over the medium and long-term. Based on the report’s easy to understand output methodology, I am now able to fine tune my daily actions with a full understanding of how these adjustments can improve my daily recovery/stress balance and keep on the path to improved overall performance. What I like most about the output of this exercise is that it gave me practical, measureable steps that I could immediately incorporate into my daily routine. This is very specific and very concrete, and self-determined, unlike other assessments I have seen on the market. You can see exactly how your body reacts to what you do and as they say, the numbers don’t lie. I would highly recommend this for anyone seriously looking to improve their personal performance. Once you use it, you will understand exactly what you need to do to set your body on the right track, and you make the decisions.